Fishing game machine customers from south America

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  • Jimmy at
  • August 16, 2017

Africa customer

Last year in August,customers from Texas came to visit our company and factory. They are very interested in many products of Wangdong. In the afternoon, we took them to the factory to visit the workshop and the production process. We carefully introduced the company's various products. Our staff carried the notebook at any time in order to record the customer's requirements. 

hot sale and high quality fishing game machine

After the visit, we took them to a very popular local Chinese restaurant. A few days later, they placed some orders about fishing game machines of Ocean king 2 plus. Moreover, they purchased some 9D VR cinema and virtual reality racing game simulator.They have put them inside the game room for some time and they told us that lots of young people and children often go to play , so they profit a lot. We are also glad to hear that.