Classical Style slot machine gambling casino game  - Slot game machine
gambling casino game
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Classical Style slot machine gambling casino game

Wangdong Slot game cabinet

Product Specification:
  • Screen :

    Touch Screen 22inch

  • Buttons :

    can be customized

  • Voltage :

    110v or 220

  • :

We are a professional Casino Gambling Machinery Manufacturer in China, specializing in slot machine/roulette machine/fishing game machine etc. All kinds of gambling equipment supply to All over the world. OEM and ODM services to meet customers’ requirements are all available.


100% Good quality and Best Price from Company:

1). Software develop 100% Original Version,single game,multi games are available

2). high quality monitor: Samsung or LG HD display.

3). Display size: 19/22/23 inch, as your requirement.

4). The power can be customized! Whole metal luxury cabinet with colorful LED light.

5). input-output options : coin in/out, bill acceptor/thermal printer

Taiwan imported ICT famous brand Bill acceptor: can accept $1-100 with cash box;  ICT printer  never happen to mess up ticket.

OEM &ODM factory of  slot game machine

High quality of slot game machine

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