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Playing casino slot game machine in Las Vegas

This is our latest slot machine in casino. You will like this gambling machine in the game center.

Product Specification:
  • Name :

    Casino slot machine

  • Screen :

    Touch Screen 22 inch

  • Buttons :

    can be customized

  • Voltage :

    110 V or 220 V

  • :

Why slot machines are so popular in the casino and slot game center? Because the video slot machine is upgrading step by step. With the development of the science and technology. The machine operated by dropping one or more coins or tokens into a slot and pulling a handle or pushing a button to activate one to three or more reels marked into horizontal segments by varying symbols. The famous game is no longer the fruit slot game.

Now the video slot machine is made by electronic technology and a big LCD touch screen. More picture features displayed in the different games. With the push of a button, a player can easily switch between the two games installed in the cabinet.

Lucky 7 slot game

Video Slot Machine Features:

1. Customized slot game cabinet.

2. 19″ multi-resolution LCD display mounted in a high-quality metal bezel.

3. Over 100 game boards available, multi function pcb board.

4. Various betting way.

5. Spanish and English sound effect available.

6. Empty cabinet and complete machine available.

7. Bill acceptor optional, ticket dispenser or printer units available.

8. Compact size, convenient to set up and operate.

9. Change chip and game is available.

10. Best choice for each casino location.

slot games

FAQ of video slot game machine:

1. Which kind package do you use? And the language of the game?
    Wooden Case. English Version.

2. Where's your mainly market ?

   We have customers in almost 80% states of USA. Main market: North Carolina, Florida, California, Texas, Georgia, Las Vegas.

3. Which model bill acceptor and printer do you use?
    We use the best model ICT Bill acceptor (L70P5): can accept $1-100 with cash box; ICT acceptor (GP58-CR): never happen to mess up ticket. If you prefer to buy them in USA local, we can prepare the holes and wiring harness for you.

Please contact Tammy if you need machines , whatsapp: +86 185 6559 5117

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